No AC In Herndon During A Heatwave? J&D Mechanical Is The Best HVAC Service

When the AC breaks down during an Herndon heat wave, don’t panic! Call J&D Mechanical Services and request our HVAC repair team at 540-349-2804.

It’s the middle of July, and an oppressive heatwave has settled over Herndon. Highs are forecasted to exceed 92 degrees for the next few weeks. You go to switch on your trusty air conditioner and…nothing. Just a worrisome clicking sound and labored hum. A bead of sweat drips down your temple as your heart sinks. Of all the times for your AC to break down, it had to be right in the hottest weeks of summer!

As an Herndon business and AC owner, I’ve been in your shoes. In the summer of 2010, right in the middle of the infamous Mid-Atlantic heatwave where temps reached 103 degrees, our 15 year old AC gasped its final breath. My office was miserable trying to work in stifling 95 degree offices, and I feared for my young managers and elderly co-workers suffering through the daytime furnace.

Fortunately, we called on J&D Mechanical Services Emergency HVAC Services to come to our hot and humid rescue! Their expert technicians quickly diagnosed the issue, and thanks to their top-notch emergency services, we had cool air pumping through our home again in just 48 hours.

 Failing AC Capacitors

If you find yourself stuck in a sweltering home without AC, don’t panic. Follow these tips from our experienced HVAC professionals to stay cool until your system is fixed:

1. Stop Using Your AC Immediately

Once you realize your AC isn’t blowing cold air, resist the urge to keep trying it. When units malfunction, continuously operating them can risk further damage and even complete breakdown. As an HVAC company veteran, I’ve seen too many folks unknowingly fry their compressors and need full replacements by trying to force a faulty system to work.

Shut off your AC, but leave the fan set to “on” if possible to continue circulating air. The exception would be if you hear strange noises or smell anything odd, which are signs to shut the entire system down.

2. Check for Quick Fixes First

Before calling an HVAC company, see if it could be a minor issue you can remedy as a temporary solution:

Check Your Air Filter

A clogged filter is one of the most common reasons an AC stops blowing cold air. Shut off the system and carefully remove the filter. If it’s packed with dust and debris, a fresh filter could get things temporarily cooling again.

Ensure Refrigerant Levels are Adequate

Your AC technician should regularly check refrigerant levels during maintenance. But over time, refrigerant can leak out due to loose fittings, cracks or faulty valves. Topping off the refrigerant could buy you some time in an emergency.

Caution: Only certified HVAC technicians should handle refrigerants. The gasses can be hazardous if mishandled.

Double Check Electrical Connections

Faulty wiring like loose plugs or fraying cables can disrupt power supply to your AC. Check connections at the unit outside, the thermostat inside, and circuit breakers. If a wire came loose, securing it could potentially resolve the issue short-term.

Reset the Thermostat

Perhaps the thermostat got knocked out of wack or isn’t responding properly. Try resetting it to restart communication with your AC. If the cold air doesn’t kick on, there are likely bigger problems at play.

Listen for Strange Noises

Clunks, grinding or buzzing coming from your AC often signal serious repairs needed. When you hear unusual sounds, it’s best to shut down the struggling system and call in professional help.

3. Call Our Emergency AC Helpline

If you determine your AC requires professional intervention, contact our emergency helpline at 540-349-2408 immediately. We have skilled technicians on call to respond to cooling emergencies.

When that oppressive heat wave struck in 2010, we were relieved the emergency AC crew could come out at 9pm that same day. It was a difficult fix involving a busted heat pump and leaky refrigerant line. Our house went from a stifling 93 degrees to a comfortable 72 within a few hours thanks to their expertise.

When an AC breaks down during extreme heat, every minute without cooling counts. Don’t wait it out overnight hoping it fixes itself. The faster you call for emergency service, the sooner you can get your home back to a livable temperature.

4. Keep Cool with Temporary Solutions

While you await AC repairs, a few clever tricks can help ease the misery:

Ventilate in the coolest parts of the day. Early morning and late evening, open windows and run fans to exchange some air.

Limit use of heat-generating appliances like ovens, dishwashers or dryers. Grill outside if you can.

Close window coverings and blinds during the hottest daylight hours.

Drink plenty of water and wear light, breathable clothing.

Apply cold washcloths to the neck, wrists and forehead for refreshing relief.

Prioritize cooling rooms occupied by vulnerable people like babies, seniors or anyone with medical conditions. Set them up with fans, cold drinks and frequent cooling-off breaks.

If all else fails, head to a public cooling center, movie theater or mall until your AC is back up and running.

During that infamous 2010 heatwave, our family temporarily moved mattresses downstairs to the coolest corner of the house and watched a lot of movies to pass the hot, sticky hours. But thanks to J&D Mechanical Services Emergency Heating & Cooling responding so quickly, we only had to endure one sweltering night before chilly air returned.

Don’t Sweat It, We’re Here to Help

As natives to hot and humid Herndon summers, we’ve seen it all when it comes to AC malfunctions and breakdowns. Trust us, we can get your cooling issues diagnosed and fixed as quickly as possible, even in extreme weather events. Our experienced technicians have tackled every AC problem under the sun over our 32 years serving Northern Virginia homes.

We know how miserable and dangerous sweltering indoor temperatures can be, especially for children and elderly. That’s why we offer prompt emergency services this time of year. Don’t tough it out and risk your family’s health and safety. One call to our emergency AC helpline at 540-349-2408 will dispatch a solutions-focused pro to your door.

Stay cool, Herndon! With our A-team of expert technicians and unmatched emergency service, we’ll have you resting easy in the AC’s soothing embrace in no time.

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