5 Secret Hacks Big Brands Use to Dominate Social Media

Hey there, Cal here from DigiZone Media! Social media is the lifeblood for big brands looking to connect with customers and build brand awareness. But with crowded feeds, standing out can be a real challenge. Luckily, through running my own business and working with major brands, I’ve uncovered some of the secret hacks brands use to absolutely crush it on social media.

In this post, I’ll be spilling the tea on five creative ways big brands get millions of eyeballs and engagement on their social posts. Read on to learn how to leverage these tactics to help your own brand cut through the noise and win big on social! Compare Features Now… Get Affordable Marketing 

Hack #1: Tap into FOMO with Limited Products/Offers

When Oprah releases her “Favorite Things” list every year, it sparks a full-on frenzy. Everyone wants to get their hands on Oprah’s favorite products before they sell out! Brands can create the same hype around limited edition product drops or special offers.

For example, when Chipotle released new quesadillas for the first time ever, they only had them at select locations. People were posting on TikTok about driving over an hour just to get one!

Recreating this FOMO effect takes planning. Announce the limited offering on social media first so people get excited. Share tantalizing photos and videos that make them eager to try it. And don’t forget to emphasize the exclusivity – these products won’t be around for long!

Hack #2: Capitalize on Current Events and Holidays

My friend hosts huge Friendsgiving parties every November. She goes all out with turkey-shaped cookies, pilgrim hats – anything to tie into the theme. Brands take the same approach, tying promotions and products into holidays, events, and cultural moments.

Around major events like the Super Bowl or Olympics, brands roll out related products, hashtags, and social campaigns. Capitalizing on “newsjackable” moments helps make content timely and taps into existing buzz.

Keep track of major events coming up and think about how your brand could get involved. Even creating special packaging or themed sales around holidays can help drive engagement when you share it on social.

Hack #3: Partner with Influencers

At a conference last year, I met an influencer with a huge Instagram following in my niche. We decided to collaborate on a giveaway to our audiences. It exploded – we both gained thousands of new followers seemingly overnight!

Big brands partner with influencers in their space to expand reach. An influencer gives the brand access to their engaged follower base. In return, brands give influencers insider access, free products, big paychecks – you name it!

Identify influencers who align with your brand and products. Reach out to potential partners and brainstorm creative ways to collaborate. Giveaways, sponsored posts, and unboxing videos are great starts. The key is finding win-win partnerships that excite both audiences.

Hack #4: Optimize Behind-the-Scenes Content

When I take my team out for retreats, I share photos of our whiteboard brainstorms and funny offsite activities. Fans eat up the inside look at our culture. Brands do the same by pulling back the curtain to offer BTS glimpses at products and processes.

Behind-the-scenes photos/videos from product shoots, offices, events, and more give an authentic inside look. For example, Dove takes fans into the making of commercials and photo shoots. Show don’t just tell people about your brand – give them VIP access!

Tailor BTS content to each platform. Use Instagram and TikTok Stories for quick video snippets. Post detailed photo galleries showcasing products on Facebook. Give fans an exclusive look they can’t get anywhere else.

Hack #5: Encourage User-Generated Content

My friend who owns a boutique gets customers to tag pics modeling new arrivals. Her reposts of user photos spur even more shares! Brands spark similar UGC by getting users to make and share branded content.

Contests that ask for user submissions like photos, videos, and testimonials work great. You can also invite engagement around hashtags, like encouraging kids to share #HelloSummer photos featuring your product.

Reposting and highlighting user content gives it that extra shine. Make sure to have users tag you so you can easily find and share their brand-related posts. UGC expands your reach and adds authenticity.

So there you have it – five hacks embraced by big brands to win at social media. Want more people engaging with your brand? Try implementing some of these secret social strategies yourself! Let me know which hack you find most interesting. I’d love to brainstorm more ideas tailored to your brand and audience. Now get out there and start connecting!

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